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So I come with pics! Yay!! There's a few sets of different things, so it's a bit of a personal picspam, i guess....

[profile] godzchild96 said I should start with the pics of my haircut (got it on Saturday! XD), so here we go:


This is the most recent pic I have of my hair pre-cut... this was right after I redid the pink highlights (they barely stand out now, but as you can see, they were quite vibrant before). Oh, and I appear so orange/yellow b/c I took the pic in the bathroom... Also, this is my hair after using a hair dryer and not straightening it.


Took this yesterday, a day after the cut. Had the guy at the salon cut off the dead ends (and they were long, obviously!) and redo my sideswept bangs look. This time, however, I had him do them to the left instead of the right. As you can see, the pink has faded into a more neutral blend with my blonde highlight. This is my hair after blow drying and straightening it, btw!

And just for the hell of it!:

This is my hair at the moment (I just can't help myself and have to try out all the new things I can do with a new cut! I love to play with my hair - i am a GIRL, after all!). I used the hair dryer to dry my hands and then sprayed some Garnier Fructis 'Surf Hair' Texturizing Spray (this stuff is awesome - it's very subtle, and doesn't weight down your hair like gel/hairspray - also, it doesn't make it rock hard or brittle!) into the still wet stuff past my bangs, and just let it dry naturally. 

From the side - my hair has a nice natural curl/wave to it that I've always really loved. But i HAVE to use something in it to make sure the curl/wave stays or it'll dry and just poof out (sinc my hair is always naturally volumous). That's why I used the texture spray - so it would maintain the spring. I will admit I did 'scrunch' it some with my hands, but that's it. There's no curling iron or heat involved - THIS is my natural hair, with a tiny added aid of product!)

Now onto the EXCITEMENT INDUCING pics relating to Chicago Con!:


As I told [profile] taraleesg1and [profile] godzchild96, this is my 'gangster' roll of money! *snirk* That right there is $403 worth of bills, $300 in twenties and $100 in tens, fives, and ones (with three additional ones, obviously!). Oh yeah - I was a hardcore gangsta! OH, this is the Chicago Con Fund, for anyone who was wondering...


ETA: I took all this cash to Hebert's today and exchanged it for larger bills, so now i've got 4 hundreds instead on the gangster wad of cash! And the FINAL Chicago Con Fund total is $431.49, since I'm depositing the money in the bank tomorrow morning!

And finally,  a little randomness in the pics area, staring some fun ol' toys:

While me and Kylie were in the dollar store on Saturday, I found this toy. And I immediately txted a pic of it to [profile] dvshipperand [profile] taraleesg1because it was too damn funny to not share with others. Don't see why yet?? Let's just say Mr. Dinosaur here has NOTHING to compensate for! (And if you noticed the funny little - okie donkie, not quite so little - part about it as soon as you looked at it, you are in the same dirty boat as me! *snirk*) AND THIS IS KIDS TOY?! What makes it funnier now is as I put this pic on my laptop, I noticed it says 'moving head' at the top! BWAHAHAHAHA!

I am quite proud of this latest addition to my stuffed animal emporium. After I got my haircut on Saturday, I realized I had no dineros leftthat i could spend, save for a few dollars in cash. So Kylie and I went into the arcade in the mall to blow those few dollars. Now I am not ashamed to say I'm quite good at the claw games (hence the reason I have so many stuffies now). And this arcade actually had DECENT stuffed animals...and as soon as I saw Mickey here one of the claw games, and realized he was easily grabable, I went for him. And got him on the SECOND snatch! SCORE! So not only is he just awesome for being Pirate!Mickey, but also because I won him myself! XD

What's so great about the overly fat frog something, you ask??

He's a LIGHTER!!!! You pull down on the little caterpillar on his back and he RIBBITS (loudly - three times) and shoots a flame out of his mouth! *snirk* We were selling these bad boys at the store and as SOON as I saw what it did, I just HAD to get it! I'm just a sucker for weird and annoying nothings, and this one is quirky and ANNOYING AS HELL. And of course I was one who would be working at my register, and when I had no customers I would set all of the frog lighters off... pissing off several of the people I worked with! It was GREAT!

So there you go - you got your pictures (everyone who was DEMANDING them!) I hope you enjoyed.... and I might actually do an 'update' a little while later...



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