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Okie donkie, I've FINALLY gone through all my pics from the con - weeding out all the crappy ones and rotating all the ones that needed rotating. I loaded most of them onto facebook last night, and finished up the rest this afternoon. And now i've gotten them all up on PB, adding necessary captions to a handful of them and making sure they're all properly organized (and for some reason, PB only limited each album to 250 pics each, so just like on facebook, it's broken up into several parts!) - so I bring them to you guys now!

Just a note: I kept some of the slightly blurry ones in for a couple of reasons... none of them are OVERLY blurry - you can tell who they are - and in the case of a handful of the Michael ones, I was the only one of the three of us to go up and ask a question so I'm the only one with pics from that angle. And with the breakfast pics - mine are shit, but they're all I have so I love them anyways! XD Also, I didn't add captions to all of them (that would be downright INSANE...like even more insane than ME in general!), but there are some throughout that have a little thing I said about them...just keep an eye out for those...

Like I said I'd do,  [livejournal.com profile] taraleesg1 's post with her pics are HERE, and [livejournal.com profile] godzchild96 's post with her pics are HERE!

Anywho, here we go with mine:

(Alexis Cruz's Q/A and The Cabaret!)

Saturday, P.1
(Tony Amendola's Q/A, Chuck Campbell's Q/A, and part of Michael's Q/A)

Saturday, P.2
(The rest of Michael's Q/A)

Sunday, P.1
(The Breakfast, David Nykl's Q/A, and part of Ben's Q/A)

Sunday, P.2
(The rest of Ben's Q/A, and the Sunday night when the Procrastination Musketeers went wonko!)

Photo Ops
(All the Photo Op pics I got!)

Also, while I'm thinking about it:

I'm sure you'll read places that during Michael's Q/A, when Megasnake came up, someone 'informed' him it was on DVD at Wally World. Yeah, the person who 'informed' him was me - I was the one who shouted above the crowd 'IT'S AT WAL-MART!', quite loudly. Michael of course looked right at me and went 'It's at Wal-Mart?', proceeded to just stared for several minutes, and then finished off with 'Oh shit!'. *SNIRK* Of course I had the DVD WITH me, but I'd foolishly left it upstairs in my bag - think about how much fun THAT would've been if I could've just walked up to him and SHOWN him! XP
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