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I was gonna do a nice decent post, but after discussing my latest DV fic for my AU table with [profile] dvshipper, I'm now inspired to get a little bit of a head start on that (don't worry - i am still working on the 'She's Everything' fic!). So this post will just highlight a few important things! XD

First, I bought Heidi Newfield's first solo cd, 'What Am I Waiting For', today (for those non-country people, or those who don't know, she was the female vocalist for Trick Pony, and has such an amazing voice!). I'm totally in LOVE with her song 'Johnny and June', and saw in People Magazine that she got a GREAT review on the entire CD. I've listened to the whole thing once tonight, and I can say I will be falling in love with it very quickly! Also, it was only $10 at Wally World, so it wasn't that big of a splurge.

Also just renewed my paid account here since it was about to expire on Friday...and I just couldn't lose all my shiny icons and have those dam ads back on my page. I just can't stand all that crap! So it's been taken care of, and I've also bought more text notifications since I've been without any since last week and I found it wasn't fun to not know who was posting comments on my journal!

There's this weird mark on my leg - i'm not really sure what it is. It just appeared out of no where a few days ago. It kinda looks like a burn, and it's almost like a perfect circular shape like I accidently pressed my leg up against a pipe or something. But I don't remember doing anything like that! It didn't hurt at first - still doesn't hurt, but now it's itching! I know that probably means it healing (so it's most likely a burn, i guess), but it just irks me to have these 'injuries' and not knowing where they came from!

I'm going with Kylie to get my haircut  on Saturday - I've been wanting to do it for a while now, but just couldn't get Madre or Smurfinator to take me! I was hoping to get it done before the con since i have horribly dead ends that are at least a few inches long and I just want my sideswept bangs look back. What's ironic is I've been feeling crappy about my hair lately, and someone told me they liked it today. Said it was unique! XD

Still haven't got the tickets for Chicago. I'm hoping they'll be in the mail tomorrow b/c I'm starting to get a little paranoid. I'm leaving for school in less than a week and i NEED to have those tickets! It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't getting all of our tickets because now there's others relying on me and I'll feel so frelling horrible if I DON'T have them in time! (I'm kinda hoping that ranting about it here tonight will cosmically put them in my mailbox tomorrow and just show I was over reacting! I'd rather over react than be right in my paranoia, ya know?!)

I have more money to add to the fund - I'm gonna do that after this post...

Tomorrow, I will be ranting on what the DOG did on Sunday when I took him out to play. I have video/pics of it, and I'm sure it will show just how much of an ASS this dog really is. I really don't like him anymore...

OH, and just another friendly reminder that if anyone is looking for a good, fun, unique forum to hang out on, The Beta Site is always looking for enthusiastic members! Just remember there is a little bit of a process to get approve (to help with the spammers issue!), which I've posted HERE. It's really not that complicated and definitely worth it! So come on and check out Beta - it's for SG-1/SGA fans alike! XD (Again, i'm Spacemonkey over there!)

Okie donkie, I think that's it for now!



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Date: 2008-08-14 04:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] godzchild96.livejournal.com
It sounds like you might have ring worm. I had it once a long while back on my arm. You might wanna get it checked out by a doctor. My doctor had to scrape at it and stuff to get it better.

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Date: 2008-08-14 04:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] godzchild96.livejournal.com
Here's info on ringworm: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringworm

I really think that's probably what you have since it's circular. Though it looks like you won't have to go see a doctor. Just get some Lamisil or something like that.

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Date: 2008-08-14 04:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dannysgirlsg1.livejournal.com
That's actually what I thought it was originally - but thanks for the info, friend! I very much appreciate it...

I probably picked it up from one of the cats or at the store - at the store seems more likely since Madre and Ted don't have it and they pet all the same cats I do! XP

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Date: 2008-08-14 10:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] natalia5345.livejournal.com
Have to say - Ditto about johnny and june! I am SO in love with that song *sigh*

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Date: 2008-08-14 11:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dannysgirlsg1.livejournal.com
I downloaded it on my phone and made it my txt ringtone today b/c it's just SO awesome!

It reminds me of Daniel and Vala so much! Cause Johnny and June had that not so simple or perfect relationship, but it worked - which is DV in a nutshell!

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Date: 2008-08-14 11:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] natalia5345.livejournal.com
I totally never thought of that :P and I call myself a fan lol ;)

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Date: 2008-08-14 11:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dannysgirlsg1.livejournal.com
Actually, as I was making that comment about it being such a DV song, I got attacked by a plot brabbit and now there's such a potential AU fic in my fron!

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Date: 2008-08-14 11:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] natalia5345.livejournal.com
do it! :D and also....CoL....

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Date: 2008-08-15 12:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] stacy-l.livejournal.com
Hmm haven't gotten my convention ticket yet either. It's odd. Should show up tomorrow hopefully. They mail them out two weeks ahead of time from California, which would have been this past Friday since I live here on the East Coast I kind of expected it today. If it doesn't show up tomorrow I'm calling. I fly out this Tuesday so I don't have time either. : (

As a backup you can print the invoice off they sent you with the confirmation. If I don't get mine soon I'll be printing that off and taking my credit card bill to show them when it was charged. I believe they have all our names on a check off list, especially if you're gold seating if I remember correctly. They should have a listing of every person who ordered a con ticket.

*keeps fingers crossed*

If mine shows up tomorrow I'll let you know and if it doesn't I'll let you know what they tell me at Creation. Last year the tickets came a month ahead of time. The year before I believe I got it the Saturday before I flew out. It always cuts close to when I fly. Either way they should be arriving soon and I just wanted to assure you that it's not just your postal carrier. No one else I know who is attending has mentioned their ticket's arriving yet either.

Oh also I'd print off a copy of the receipt you got if you purchased any photo ops or autograph tickets online, so you have proof. Now last year (or was that the year before??) I ordered a photo op ticket online and that Creation confirmation e-mail hadn't appeared in my inbox UNTIL I was in the hotel so I wasn't able to print it off. All I had to do was give them my name after explaining what had happened and offered to show my credit card statement with said charge on it. I don't think she even looked at the statement. With photo ops they do have a check off list and actually walk back through the line of those waiting for them and check their name's off as they come through to make sure everyone's in the right photo op line and everyone's accounted for.

Hope this helps! Take care! : D

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Date: 2008-08-15 01:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dannysgirlsg1.livejournal.com
Yeah, but I went back and checked, and it took Creation exactly a week to get me my Continuum DVD, so exactly a week would be tomorrow - and seeing they weren't in the mail today, I'm figuring they'll be there tomorrow (i honestly don't know what I'm more excited about at the moment - actually HAVING the tickets or Michael's ep of Burn Notice in less than 30 minutes!).

Yeah, I already have all my invoices and confirmations printed, and have all my bank statements in a folder ready to go with me. So I've got all the back up stuff in the works JUST incase I don't get the tickets in time. And I was figuring they would have a list of some sort, so it's really NOT as big of a deal as my mind wants to make it! I'm sure it'll all be okie donkie, but I can't help from beginning to get antsy - i mean, it's just a WEEK AWAY.

And I'd very much appreciate you letting me know! If I end up getting mine tomorrow, there will be an immediate excited post following, so you'll definitely know if I got mine. And if I don't get mine, there will be a mini rant post. Either way, you'll know! I don't take advantage of my journal at all! LOL

Thanks for the help! Very much appreciate it!


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