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OOOOOOOKIE DONKIE, let's start THIS post off with all the SHINY BURN NOTICE FUN WE'VE GOT....

FIRST, GO to MSOL  and watch THE CLIP from Thursday's episode!!!!!!! *DANCES AND SQUEES* I've already watched it a handful of times, and OMFG, I'm loving Victor already. Shanks plays the BEST bad guys!!!!!!!! *swoons*

And then, swing on over to the Burn Notice forum on the USA site, and pop into the Michael Shanks Thread. Of course, sign up to the forum if you haven't already (they actually have this cool option of using the same account you use for the Skiffy forum, if you want to), and then share in the squeeness that will be MS on Burn Notice (and he will be SO GOOD - DAMN, I want Thursday NOW!) I've already made my intro post over there (same display name, of course, and y'all will recognize my avatar!), so it would be awesome to see some of my home burritos there too!

*phew* Now that I've been a good fangirl and pimped (shameless plug? *snirk*) the awesomeness that is Michael Shanks, I can get to my personal posting fun....

I worked today. Yes, exciting - I know you all can sleep better tonight knowing this. THANKFULLY I didn't work with Jenna (I swear, that girl is the biggest, snobbiest pain in the ass to work with!), so I didn't have any reason to be in a bad mood. Well, I was a bit pissy for a short while, but THAT was because of Smurfinator. He was supposed to bring my lunch on my break, and didn't until an hour later. Fucker! But other than that, work kept me busy enough (and that was WITH all the rain we had today!). 

Yesterday, I went shopping with Kylie (and managed to spend almost ALL of the $60 i'd put in my account on Wednesday - now we know why I keep my fundage for Chicago seperate) and got a couple of things that are really awesome. I'd been wanting to get a new 'vintage' shirt before going on the trip, and managed to find the perfect thing at Hot Topic (of course!):


Ain't it classy?? At least that's what [profile] dvshippercalled it. [profile] taraleesg1said it was definitely me (how i love her! She even knows my wardrobe habits! XD) I was looking around HT's website for other possible 'pin up' shirts, but all the others that they have, they all say playboy ON it. I don't like that very much - when it's sutble and classy like the one I got, with just the bunny on it, that's cool. But when it's blatantly showing PLAYBOY, it seems to lose that class and the 'vintage' feel. I mean all those wannabee whores wear the playboy shit, and I'm not one of those. (And THAT is a glimpse into my fashion opinion!) I was actually iffy about the whole thing being playboy, but again it's subtle on my shirt, soooo....

I also got two pins (some of you know I'm a big fan of those!). One simply says 'MWAHA HAHAHAHAH, MWAH HAHAHAHA, MWA HAHAHAHAHA'. Very straight the point if you ask me, and it had me cracking up. The other says 'Better to be a SMARTASS than a DUMBASS'. It's very me, I feel. *snirk* GODS, I LVOE HOT TOPIC! I swear, my next purchase from there has GOT to be the pink ranger shirt! XD

Also, being the good fandom girl that I am, I put back a shirt at PacSun in hopes of finding something I wanted at FYE. Good decision because it turns out that had another Farscape DVD (used, of course, but beggers can't be choosers when it comes to something like farscape on DVD). It's the Best of Season 1, and has Premiere, DNA Mad Scientist, A Human Reaction, The Hidden Memory, Nerve, and Family Ties on it. I have none of these episodes (not counting iTunes, of course), so i feel it was a good purchase. 

Today, Ted had been going through VHS tapes in the living room, and happened to find one from his birthday in '96. We had a party that year, and obviously there was a video tape recording at the time. And it was funny seeing everyone 12 years ago! (I of course had teeth missing and was giggly and obnoxious and sassy - so the only thing that's changed is the teeth grew back! *snirk*) Madre and I kept making comments on how skinnty Ted was and that he had hair - OH, and that he used to be nice! And it was fun trying to remember who the people in the video were... AND TREY! OMG, TREY before he hit puberty!  Of course, the best part:

Madre (who was holding the camera and trying to get me to take something to my room): Mandy...
Me (at SEVEN, mind you): I know, I know! 

See! The snark has always been there! LOL!! What really trips me out is that this was even before SG-1 was even airing! MY GOD! I was thinking that because as we watched the video, The Scorpion King (which we had on in the kitchen) ended on Skiffy and SG-1 came on (I even yelled it was when I heard the intro start) and i was like OMG - this wasn't just before i got into SG-1, this was BEFORE SG-1 PERIOD. I know to a lot, that doesn't seem like a lot, but considering how SG-1 has become such a part of my life in the past several years, it's kinda weird, ya know?

I know there were other things I wanted to talk about, but I can't really remember them at the moment (I blame SG-1, which is STILL ON - i will admit that Skiffy, at times, can be pretty rockin' awesome!) and I don't wanna make your flists any longer with my ramblings...



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