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There is just SOMETHING about the way Cam says that that just cracks me up! *snirk* 

So what is there to talk about this post... 

Well, I was very productive today. I got my laundry done (though it's still down in the laundry room - i'm planning on bringing it up here and folding it tomorrow - i swear!), cleaned catboxes (always a FUN chore!), cleaned the kitchen, and burned some trash. Actually, it was pretty cool because Smurfinator's chair was in the pile b/c he broke it with his fat ass (no lie! It literally broke while he was sitting in it). I, of course, got pics of it burning. Planning on posting those on my photo journal/comm pips_image_dump (just a little shameless plug there!) tonight or tomorrow (depending on how much oomph I have after I finish this post).

I just got finished adding to the Chicago Con Fund. With the addition of half of my check, which I got today, it is now up to $372.04! *dances* And I STILL have two more weeks of work to go before I head back to school, so again that amount will be going up (hey, maybe I'll get lucky again and that idiot will come to the box with his $20. I AM in the box twice this week). Oh, and btw, the raising of minimum wage didn't really do SHIT... I went from having a $118 something check to having a $123 something check. Fucking Hebert's!

OH, so I found out the dorms at FSU don't open until August 20th (I was under the impression that they opened the 16th)... This means I will have THAT day to get all unpacked and 'settled' into my room and get semi-aqcuainted with my new roommate, the next day to prep and get all prepared for the con, and then get up at 4 am Friday the 22nd and go off to Chicago. LOVELY! I was AT LEAST hoping for those few days in Tally to get settled and back in the school groove. But it's all good - now I won't really have time to think about being homesick RIGHT AWAY, and I'll get a few extra days at home. Plus that means I get another week of work in and get more dineros to blow use at the con. 

Madre and I were disgussing going to the Brad Paisley concert in October. It's gonna be on October 4th. That's a Saturday (and on a completely unrelated note, Halloween is on a FRIDAY this year! SCORE!), which means it would be completely doable for me to come home. Since my classes this coming semester are all Tuesday/Thursday classes, I would be able to catch a Greyhound that Friday morning before the concert, and just catch one back Sunday night, and not have to worry about missing any Monday classes since I don't have any! Of course all of this depends on if the tickets are still available by the time I get my money, and how my actual schedule turns out (not classes wise, but RL wise). All I know is i REALLY want to see Brad Paisley in concert - he's already been here, and I've missed him (along with Nickelback and Rascal Flatts - gods, I suck!), and I DON'T want to miss out again. Not when the opportunity is so easily attainable! 

This morning, I got to watch one of my all time favorite episodes of ER. I now know it's called 'All in the Family'. This is the episode right after Carter and Lucy get stabbed - the one where it seems the entire ER/Surgery is going out of their way to help save John and Lucy! XD I love all the friendshippyness and the angst and the emotions this episode. This is one of those episodes where you actually LIKE Romano. And just that entire scene in the trauma room with Lucy, Weaver, Dave, Mark, Courday, and a crap load of other characters we love... it's just amazing! And Benton running down the stairs after finding out Carter's been hurt. I've always loved the Benton/Carter dynamic of the show, and this is one of those episodes where it really shines. Watching this episode made me want to watch some of my other favorites (ironically all Carter-based eps... think he's my favorite character?! *snirk*), but surfthechannel only has a handful of them, and they DON'T have the one I REALLY wanted to watch (where Carter has a walkout b/c he feels the ER isn't safe - it just shows how he's worked his way up to being the 'rock' of the ER. He's the one everyone follows now, and i LOVE that!) 

I was thinking about giving you guys a litte preview of one of the fics I've been working on... its DV of course, and it's based off of a Brad Paisley song.... anyone interested in seeing a part of it? *innocent smile*

Okie donkie, I think that's about it for now... it looks like I won't be getting to the pics tonight. I'm feeling a little tired... I'm probably just gonna wait until the Blood Diamond OST is over, than go to bed...

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