dannysgirlsg1: (Josh - Detention 001)
2012-04-10 09:03 am

Vid - Music Blog (Detention)

Movie, can you just get in my damn life right now!? Please and thank you!

dannysgirlsg1: (Josh - Elle Photoshoot 001)
2012-04-10 04:50 pm

Vid - Billy Clapton's Party (Detention)

YES. I come with ANOTHER Detention clip. You do not UNDERSTAND how much I WANT THIS MOVIE IN MY LIFE. I've wanted it since I started REALLY fangirling Josh - next to THG, THIS movie has been what I've been most looking forward to. 

(I just looked up the limited release theaters it will be playing in... Atlanta is the closest. WHAT?! WHHHHHY?! Just come out here and make me happy!)