Apr. 14th, 2012

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So we all knew Michael getting on Twitter was going to be insanity. For me personally, it has been rather amazing. But I know he's been getting a lot of crap for his brutal honesty and his penchant for language (neither of which has surprised me or should surprise ANYONE who is a fan of his. I hate to use the 'true fan' statement because it sounds so elitist, but... *shrugs*). He's handled it like the boss he is (not that I would expect any less - his years of doing conventions has proven he can handle crazies).

Then THIS post comes along on Tumblr (and before somebody ELSE jumps on my shit yet again for passive aggressive posting and not handling the post directly, I DID reblog it and respond on Tumblr). 

I'm not necessarily angry at what the OP is saying. That is their opinion and they are welcome to have it. But it brings up this whole thing of how some people have been reacting to and treating Michael since he joined Twitter.

Michael is not an idiot. He knew what he was getting into when he finally decided to get on Twitter (I'm sure he'd already seen a lot considering how long Lexa has been on Twitter. This would also explain how he had no NOOB-ness when he started using it!). He's also said in the past that if he ever did get on Twitter, he was going to be brutally honest about shit (I have the video proof...it was at D*C '10). And that's exactly what we've been getting. And it's been excellent because it's not very often you get an actor or actress to be so up front and genuine. The other three original SG-1 actors definitely aren't, at least not to the same degree (and this is not a gripe against them for not being that way, of course). It's refreshing, and as a huge Michael Shanks fan, I'm LOVING every minute of it.

Because hey, we get to see Michael being Michael. Get to see that he is a normal person like all the rest of us (and that he curses to the Olympic medal degree - even puts me to shame, which is a task). And I'm not sorry that it's upsetting some people because they need to get it in their heads that this guy is NOT the character most people adore him for playing. They've lived with the delusion for so long that he is Daniel Jackson (there have been several occasions where I've been around people that have referred to him as DANIEL, rather than Michael) and that he's just as perfect as that character (which is kind of ridiculous anyways because Daniel IS the farthest from perfect a character can get!). Which is fucking absurd. He's human like all the rest of us. It is time for people to step OUT of the fiction world and into reality - where your favorite celebs are allowed to have a sense of humor, curse like a mutherfucker, and call you out on your bullshit, delusional ideas. 

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